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I love the outdoors but it’s not always been this way, in fact, I grew up hating camping, hiking, and was scared of literally everything wild.  It was after moving to Vancouver that I got the hiking bug, which eventually led to a camping bug, and then led to Whiskey, our hiking dog. As all dogs do, Whiskey changed my life completely, and our little Vizsla has wiggled her way into our hearts, our adventures, and into my sleeping bag (yes we share a mummybag). Whiskey, my husband, and I spend as much time adventuring as possible even though it’s challenging at times – the rainy season goes from October until April. One thing I’ve learned over a decade ago is that the right gear makes all the difference, especially in tough conditions and merino wool is the best! I’ll never ever wear cotton again 🙂


One of those rare occasions when everything is quiet…even the mosquitoes. #campingwithdogs #woolxinaction #herpnwlife

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And online at: The Dog Walks Me



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