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Instagram: @erin.noelle1

As a Minnesota-native who grew up on a lake, family vacations to National Parks instilled in me a love for the outdoors and adventure sports at an early age. I lived in my swimsuit wakeboarding all summer, my skis strapped to my feet all winter and always engaged in an active lifestyle. Life changes brought me to beautiful Washington state, where I found healing in the mountains. They helped me rediscover my true self, spoke to my heart and helped me grow into who I am today.  As a critical care nurse, I witness daily how precious life is. Both my career and the mountains are humble reminders of what matters most in life. I am filled with gratitude about the growth I’ve experienced and cherish lasting memories with friends and loved ones.

When I’m not working, you can find me heeling on a sailboat, padding around Puget Sound or an alpine lake on my SUP, getting air on my wakeboard, carving powder on my skis in the backcountry, summiting peaks or pitching my tent in the mountains. These outdoor activities have been the most beautiful type of therapy but more importantly, they have lead to some of the most meaningful connections with others. I am continually inspired, encouraged and uplifted by people who live active lifestyles, give back to their community and help preserve the outdoors for generations to come. I am thankful to be a part of the Woolx community and thankful to them for outfitting me with the softest, warmest, most comfortable merino wool out there for all of my activities.





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