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Caroline Sara Foster


Instagram: @wilderness_addict

I come from a very adventurous family of outdoor enthusiasts. Family vacations usually included activities such as hunting, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, climbing and camping. My Dad is an ex adventure racer who competed in races such as the Eco Challenge and Raid Gauloises, he is the root cause of my outdoor obsession. You could say it is genetic, I inherited his drive for adventure and need for that frequent adrenaline rush. I grew up living life on the edge and now that is the norm. More recently I graduated from NYU with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition and just passed the Registered Dietitian exam. I have the need to adventure frequently and often procrastinate by planning my next adventure. I also love to recruit my non-ourdoorsy friends and get them out adventuring. I feel a constant pull for the mountains and it is there that I am most in my element and most at peace.

  • Likes /Dislikes
    Dislike being stuck inside, desk jobs, sitting still, having no adventures planned, winters without snow, paved trails. Like being outside, meeting new people, exploring often, getting off the beaten pass, waterfalls, snow storms, road trips, camping, photography, backpacking, travel, being in wild and untouched terrain.




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